2022 Quilt Gallery

The 2022 quilt auction, featuring over 200 quilts and comforters, begins Saturday at 8:45am, continuing into mid-afternoon in the Meadowlark Building. More information

Quilts A-Z will be sold at 30 minute increments during the course of the day. Schedule will be as follows:

A, B, C – 11:00 am

O, P, Q, R – 1:00 pm

D, E, F – 11:30 am

S, T, U, V – 1:30 pm

G, H, I, J – 12:00 noon

W, X, Y Z – 2:00 pm

K, L, M, N – 12:30 pm

Click/tap on a thumbnail image to view gallery image and description. Double-click/tap on a gallery image to zoom in. 

Quilts A to Z

Quilts 1 -200