Toothpick Barn & Silo

This barn and silo set was made by George Isaac, formerly of Meade, Kansas in the fall of 1995.  It took him four weeks to design and build the barn and silo using flat toothpicks, 2,280 of them.  He used round tooth picks and round head thumb tacks for the lightening rods.  Sphagnum moss was used for the hay bales.  The date of construction stamped on the bottom of the barn and silo is Oct. 25, 1995.

Currently the barn and silo belong to Sonia Karnes of Arizona. She is the niece of George Isaac and her family was originally from Meade. A family decision was made and an inquiry was made about whether this would be a good item for the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.

We believe it is.  Thank you, Sonia for your donation.  This is a craft item that required much skill and patience to complete.