Urgent Service Opportunities

Can you help out with any of the following urgent positions:

***Saturday Sausage Cooking Chair -Feeding the Multitude***: Responsibilities on Saturday only include making sausage for breakfast and lunch; obtain volunteers to help serve lunch and help in cooking trailer. Contact Delon Martens at 620-960-9471 or delonmartens@gmail.com
Detailed job description

Domestic Arts Building Verenike/Sausage Booth: Need volunteers for the Committee so a rotation of Committee members can begin. The Committee is responsible for preparing the verenike and sausage that is served in the Domestic Building. They also obtain volunteers to help in the trailer and serving the food. Contact Mark Stucky for more details at 620-714-1159 or stuckymt@gmail.com


New Year Cookies Committee: Looking for several additional committee members. Under the current structure primary commitment is Thursday (optional), Friday and Saturday of the Sale. Tasks include initial set up of the cooking trailer, overseeing the preparation of the dough and monitoring/assisting the volunteers frying and glazing the cookies. Ideally would like to have enough committee members to split up the Friday and Saturday duties. Contact Cedric or Becky Blough at 620-345-3088 or e-mail at crblough@mtelco.net for more information.