Volunteers are still needed!

We have received several emails stating more volunteers are needed.  If you know someone who wants to volunteer please direct them to one of these opportunities:

Kansas Crafts – only 3 sign up sheets were returned.  Contact Patty Macke Dick, pattymdick@gmail.com

Verenike frying Friday evening, Feeding the Multitude, Contact Michaelddalessio1@cox.net  

New Year Cookies, Domestic Arts Bldg, contact Cedric Blough  crblough@mtelco.net  

Verenika and Sausage serving, Domestic Arts Bldg, Contact Mark and Tami Stucky  stuckymt@gmail.com

Never too late to volunteer – see what you can do to help round up some more volunteers!  Remember our theme this year ….. we do it for Him! 

Barb BJ Reeves
KMRS Secretary